Celebrating Our Cultural Kaleidoscope Annual Gala

2018 Enlightened Kaleidoscope Award

The Enlightened Kaleidoscope Award was established by Multiethnic Advocates for Cultural Competence (MACC) to celebrate innovation, leadership, and commitment to cultural competence, behavioral health parity, and the diversity of Ohio's population. 

Specific individuals and/or organizations from across Ohio, who best exemplify ongoing commitment and dedication to cultural competence in Ohio behavioral health/social services, will be selected from nomination forms submitted by MACC members and community partners like you!  Award Recipients will be selected within each of the following categories:

  • Individuals Social Services of Integrated Health Care Professional
  • Individual Leader/Administrator
  • Behavioral Health/Social Service Organization

A selection committee convened by MACC will select Award Recipients to be recognized at the Enlightened Kaleidoscope Award Dinner on April 26, 2018.  Nominations are being accepted now! 

2017 Annual Enlightened Kaleidoscope Awards

On April 27, 2017 MACC hosted its annual cultural awards reception to celebrate the diversity of our members and partners. We are proud to announce that Brent Walters, the Director of Community Marketing from Caresource, is our 2017 Enlightened Kaleidoscope Award winner!

2017 Awardee Brent Walters (left) receiving the Enlightened Kaleidoscope Award from 2015 Awardee Dr. Arthur James (right)

2017 Awardee Brent Walters (left) receiving the Enlightened Kaleidoscope Award from 2015 Awardee Dr. Arthur James (right)

Brent has been with CareSource for over 16 years promoting and developing marketing strategies which have specifically been crafted to improve the quality of healthcare and alignments of health systems, community agencies and governmental partners to insure accessibility and transformation of life services for the CareSource members being served in Ohio which translates to approximately 1.5 million. Brent has embraced the wellness initiatives of African American Male Wellness Walk (AAMWW) since its inception nearly 13 years ago and CareSource is the statewide corporate sponsor. Brent’s management abilities has extended his marketing skill set onto the national scale where CareSource has expanded to the States of Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Georgia with new products and services designed to improve the quality of healthcare. Quality is the common thread of healthy living and Brent believes it should be the core values of those who play a major role in health care system to insure that quality is always at the pinnacle of wellness and assisting CareSource members with this as a method to navigate into wellness of their total being.

2017 Enlightened Kaleidoscope Awards Reception Photos