CARE Ohio Cross Cultural Competence Training

CARE Ohio Cross Cultural Competence Training Level I and Level II training is available for organizations to increase cultural competence, workplace productivity, and client services and delivery of care.  In addition, services professionals can secure Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s) to continue their license to provide healthcare services in the State of Ohio.

CARE Ohio (Level I) training “Building Cross-Cultural Competence in Health Care” is a foundational training program that increases the knowledge and understanding about the impact of cultural practices, attitudes and beliefs on the patient/client and provider relationship, and provides tools, concepts and strategies for strengthening cross-cultural skills. 

Care Ohio (Level II) training “CARE Continues” explores the C.A.R.E. Model (Consider, Accept, Recognize and Execute) in more detail.  Participants use the skills learned in Level I “Building Cross  Cultural Competence in Health Care” to develop personal and workplace action plans for improving cross-cultural services and skills.

 Culturally competent healthcare delivery results in:

Better customer service  
Increased quality of care
Improved health outcomes
Stronger patient compliance
More productive patient/provider relationships

CARE Ohio was featured in the Journal of the National Medical Association, Vol 102, No.9, September 2010. Read the article here.

United Way of Central Ohio funded the development of this curriculum.