Ohio Statewide Culturally Competent Agency and Provider Directory

Agencies such as MACC are often asked to identify providers and agencies believed to be culturally competent. Acknowledging the need for a central database, MACC has partnered with the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and the Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities to create the first-ever Ohio directory of providers and agencies that implement culturally and linguistically appropriate behavioral health and health care services.

A provider or agency that qualifies to be in this directory will be recognized by MACC, OhioMHAS, and OACBHA as a key healthcare provider to the diverse communities served throughout the state of Ohio. This directory will set the precedent for what is expected, in terms of cultural competence, from all Ohio health agencies.

Directory Criteria

In order to be considered for inclusion in the first-ever Ohio Statewide Culturally Competent Agency Directory, your agency must meet or be on its way to meeting the five simple criteria below:

I.  Have you and/or your agency identified the cultures represented in your service area and recognized the unique health disparities they may face?
Cultures and ethnic groups face different challenges as it relates to health and behavioral health care. Being familiar with the populations you serve is the first step to reducing health disparities and providing competent care.

II. Do you and/or your agency utilize certified or competent trainers to provide your workforce (staff, board of directors, volunteers, etc.) with cultural competence trainings?
Certified and competent trainers are those who have adequate knowledge and experience in presenting information around diversity and cultural competence. Training curriculum should be regularly updated as the populations served diversify.

III.  Do you and/or your agency provide linguistically competent services?
Linguistic services include having qualified interpreters, language lines, and language specific materials. These services should be easily accessible and offered free of charge.

IV. Does your agency’s workforce (staff, board of directors, volunteers, etc.) and materials reflect the demographic of the communities served?
Beyond understanding the cultures and ethnicities you serve, it is important for those cultures to be visible within your agency. Adequate cultural and ethnic representation on brochures, office decor, advertisements, or other print materials promotes an environment of inclusion.

V. Do you and/or your agency allow for and actively seek community input to evaluate your services?
Input can be collected via consumer satisfaction surveys, evaluations, or other methods and should be used to implement changes and/or improvements to the delivery of care.

MACC is now accepting submissions.

Benefits of being listed in the directory include increased visibility, higher customer satisfaction, and the prestige of providing equitable care to Ohio diverse populations.

Please fill out the below form to submit your agency for consideration. 

All applications will be reviewed by a committee for both completeness and for relevant content. The more detail provided in the application, the better.

Section 1: Applicant information
Name *
Ex. Executive Director, Program Manager, etc
Ex: Behavioral Health Provider, Advocacy Organization, etc
Phone *
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Section 2: Application Questions
This should include statistics when available. Culture does not only include race/ethnicity; it may also include religion, sexuality, socioeconomic status, gender, and etc.
This should include who conducted the trainings, their qualifications, and the number and level (general staff, board of directors, management, etc) of staff trained. This should also include an outline of you plan for future trainings.
This should answer questions such as: What languages are available? Do you offer any in-person interpreting services? Are there any charges related to these services? How is the accessibility of these services evaluated?
This should include a breakdown of your organization staff/workforce in relation to your population served (which should be outlined in criteria 1). If you have specific materials used, please email a copy of those materials to aewart@maccinc.net.
Please list any initiatives that have been implemented, as well as, any outcomes that have been seen as a result. Ex: Surveys, community involvement on committees, service evaluations, etc.