Why your gift to Multiethnic Advocates for Cultural Competence matters:
MACC has been recognized as a state and national leader in developing culturally appropriate strategies to eliminate health and other human development disparities among racial, ethnic and cultural communities. We work with our allies and partners to:

  • Sponsor lectures, conferences and learning opportunities on cultural competence and other contemporary issues to improve skills of clinicians and staff in the helping professions;

  • Identify promising practices and evidenced-based programs to eliminate disparities and share them with systems and organizations;

  • Conduct research to identify and share cultural competency practices, standards and protocols to share the information through our Resource Library;

  • Identify and develop cultural competence assessment tools, trainers, and training curricula throughout the State of Ohio; and

  • Assess and improve their level of cultural proficiency to improve care and outcomes

Your contribution will enable us to further our work to improve health outcomes throughout the entire state of Ohio.

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