IAM Macc Flyer.png

#IAM MACC Meetup

The Multiethnic Advocates for Cultural Competence, Inc. (MACC) would like to invite you to a safe space for constructive conversation around cultural identity.

Inspired by our video narrative series, I Am MACC, showcasing individuals throughout Columbus who are involved in spreading cultural awareness and the impact of intersectionality on our daily lives. The I Am MACC meetup series is a pilot bimonthly meetup designed to gather individuals with a common interest for recognizing how our unique identities and experiences can shape how the world operates. 
The I Am MACC meetup series will seek to address key concepts related to cultural identity such as class, age, geographic location, education, race, socioeconomic status and more.
Join us for an evening of empowerment through storytelling, shared learning and growth through understanding.