Cultural Humility Across Substance Use Prevention, Treatment and Recovery

Stigma and bias related to substance use are pervasive within cultures and among providers. This creates significant barriers to treatment, namely within the African American and Latinx communities.

Interfaith Engagement Across Systems

MACC seeks to bridge the gap between the public and private sectors and spiritual communities they serve. Religion and spirituality are some of the most significant protective factors impacting outcomes.

Demographic Research and Data Collection to Inform Policies and Programs

The development of effective policies and programs based on accurate knowledge of the workforce and consumer. In addition, demographics continue to rapidly diversity presenting unique challenges.

The Intersection of Cultural Competence and Technology

New technologies are susceptible to the bias that may exist within their architects. MACC advocates for the inclusion of concepts related to cultural competence within the research and development phases.

Comprehensive Support of Diversity and Inclusion Staff

Efforts to increase diversity frequently initiates organization change and must be supplemented with additional competence of cultural competence to ensure effective relationship building. MACC seeks to aid diversity and inclusion staff in navigating potential challenges and provide best practices.