Research Advisory Committee


MACC recognizes the ongoing need for research and multidisciplinary learning opportunities in the area of cultural and linguistic competence. As the State of Ohio works to improve quality of care and provide culturally competent services to all of our residents, we recognize a need for a committed group of individuals to investigate, analyze, and publish original research to assist agencies and systems in better understanding and accomplishing their work. The committee description for MACC’s Research Advisory Committee was developed in 2009.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assist in development of grant funding proposals and proposal review as needed

  • Review current Cultural Competence Assessment Tools and evaluation methodologies to determine their applicability for use among Ohio agencies and organizations

  • Develop an annual research agenda and produce some original research on issues related to cultural and linguistic competence

  • Provide leadership for MACC in developing relationships with licensure and credentialing boards of related professions to infuse cultural competence into academic training and credentialing processes

  • Produce resource materials to assist agencies and systems to infuse research into organizational behaviors and practices

  • Share best practices in diversity and cultural competence initiatives and evaluation methods that demonstrate widespread applicability and success for Ohio

  • Create partnership opportunities for peer review of research by advocacy organizations and other community key informants

  • Assist in the development of standards and certification processes for cultural competence trainers and training curricula

Current Members

Randall Hogue
Kent State University

Debbie Nixon-Hughes

Sana Loue
Case Western Reserve University

Melissa Nance
Ohio Department of Medicaid

Liliana Rojas-Guyler
University of Cincinnati

Dawn Thomas

Surendra Adhikari

Charla Allen
Central State University

Kathleen Burlew
University of Cincinnati

Timothy Barreiro

Carol Carstens

Simone Crawley