Request a Training

To request a training, please fill out the below form. Upon completion of this request form, MACC will schedule a face-to-face meeting or conference call to discuss in detail the training request. Training costs and/or fees are negotiated based upon length of training, number of participants, type of agency and their MACC membership status. 

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Simone Crawley at

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Training Terms of Agreement

Please note: by submitting the request for training form, you are agreeing to the below terms.

MACC’s responsibilities:

  • MACC will provide the trainer/expert on the selected topic. The topic will be further discussed with Collaborative Partner(s)’
  • MACC will develop and forward to the Collaborative Partner(s) a training registration form/brochure
  • MACC will be responsible for providing all training materials and evaluation forms;
  • MACC will secure and pay the costs thereof for the training venue;
  • MACC will be responsible for conducting training registration, if applicable;
  • MACC will provide continental breakfast and afternoon refreshments, as determined by client;
  • MACC will provide certificates of completion/attendance and CEU’s for Psychologists, Nurses, Counselors, Social Workers and RCH’s for Chemical Dependency professionals for each participant.

Collaborative Partner(s) responsibilities:

  • Collaborative Partner(s) shall finalize the training date, topic and identify the appropriate training venue no later than 2 months prior to the training date;
  • Collaborative Partner(s) shall forward local e/mailing lists to MACC no later than 1 month before the training date, if the partner is interested in sharing the training opportunity with other agencies and;
  • Collaborative Partner(s) shall provide clerical support at the time of registration, if needed.