Workshop Content Synopsis  

Workshop proposals should be directly related to the conference themes outlined below. Workshops will be 1.5 hrs in length. Please contact with any questions.

Community Track

  • Outlining where Ohio is with health disparities

  • Defining and measuring Social Determinants of Health as they relate to disparities.

    • Overall poverty, housing, addiction, lack of food, transportation, racism, generational stigma within cultures, employment, education. 

  • Discussing What agencies/ individuals are the power players addressing social determinants?

Policy Track

  • Identifying specific opportunities for change and improvement and what would need to happen to achieve it.

  • Discussing how to empower undeserved communities.

  • Identifying root causes that are amenable to change at the policy, program and /or service level.

  • Ensuring there is by-in from the top down across agencies and systems. Discussing the economic implications of a non-culturally competent workforce. 

Health Provider Track 

  • Discussing in depth the healthcare system and the health disparities that are a result of social determinants of health. 

  • Addressing barriers to care (i.e. insurance, access) and give strategies for reducing these barriers

  • Identifying communities served and how to work with those specific communities to discuss preventative care, diagnosis, and treatment. 

  • Outlining best practices for implementing cultural competence and improving health outcomes. 

Interfaith Track

  • Focusing on “Gatekeepers”: Why they are critical to removing barriers to the faith community. 

  • Discussing how Faith communities address all social determinants in their work- they are a valuable example of a comprehensive approach.

  • Establishing line of communication that ensure faith leaders are kept informed of policies changes that will disproportionately impact their parishioners as well as opportunities that exist (such as employment)