“Giving a bridge of hope as people move toward new beginnings.” 

Tova's N.E.S.T was founded by Traceé’ Black-Fall in 2004 through her unconditional love for her daughter Tova who was misdiagnosed with a mental health condition. In spite of being given a dim prognosis for recovery by several health professionals, she graduated “Scholar Athlete of the Year” in 2002 from Columbus East High School. 

Tova’s N.E.S.T. brings a genuine compassion and assistance for those that live with behavioral health conditions and co-occurring disorders. Tova’s N.E.S.T continues to open doors to communities and assists in removing barriers that may keep people from obtaining services and care.

Faith Based Initiative

The faith community is where many turn for answers and support, and can be a loving and safe haven. Faith communities can support through action and prayer those affected by these misunderstood health conditions. We can take necessary steps to build a strong and sound knowledge base, group support, and advocates as we respond with compassion to persons with behavioral health conditions and their families. I truly believe people do well if they can.
— Traceé Black-Fall

Through an amazing partnership of almost 10 years, Tova’s N.E.S.T and MACC work together to provide a faith based initiative which includes advocacy, education, awareness and suicide prevention.  This initiative has built strong relationships in faith communities throughout Ohio.  

In troubling and challenging times we may see more and more people questioning their faith and often may even lose hope.  We must begin to support and embrace our brothers and sisters where they are and complement their journey with God’s word and works.  Additionally, through action, give these individuals the opportunity to live successful and productive lives.  

The benefits of Tova’s N.E.S.T. partnerships and collaborations with faith communities, organizations, and agencies are endless.  These relationships are predicated on creating communities and systems that promote recovery and resiliency with “new change agents” who are “out of the matrix thinkers.”  This frame of thinking and works results in building culturally competent practices, supports, and services to benefit unidentified and underserved youth, individuals, and families across Ohio and the nation.