Internship Program

Are you obsessed with finding and sharing stories online?  Do your friends look to you on Facebook and Twitter for the latest trends, ideas, and online memes?

Multiethnic Advocates for Cultural Competence (MACC) is a premier statewide organization focused on cultural and linguistic competence and the elimination of disparities and stigma among radical and ethnic population in all health, social service and other systems of care. MACC is a small company with a fast paced work environment and we seek talented interns who crave learning new skills and aren't afraid to tackle big projects.  As an intern you will get to work with a variety of our staff and volunteers, while working on real projects that will help us grow. 

Potential Job Duties:

  • Updating web calendar with relevant and timely information
  • Updating web page with statewide resources
  • Seeking out state wide resources
  • Organizing and maintaining the MACC Resource Library
  • Cultural Research
  • Writing summaries of articles for our newsletter
  • Making Phone Calls/ Taking phone messages
  • Updating Donor database
  • Other general office duties


  • High School Diploma (or over the age of 18)
  • Available 10-15 hours per week

If you are interested in working with us as a volunteer, please register at Volunteer Match.

Want to get involved, but not as an intern?

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