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Our advocacy work focuses on elevating the concerns and needs of marginalized populations. We achieve this by serving as a resource and clearinghouse for information and policies reflective of the communities we serve. Additional information on our advocacy platform and initiatives will be available in Summer of 2022.

A Better Tomorrow


  • Racism as a Public Health Crisis

  • Hospital Anti-Racism Initiative

  • Critical race Theory – Ohio House Bill 337

  • Voter Suppression - HB 294

  • Criminal Justice

  • Economic Injustice 

  • The C.R.O.W.N. Act ( “Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair Act)

  • Gun Violence Prevention and Mental Health Background Checks

  • Sickle Cell

  • Environmental Injustice

  • Immigration

  • Reparations

  • Anti-Lynching

  • Equity in education – Derolph vs State of Ohio (1997)

  • Anti-racist constitutional amendment (Kende X Ibrahm)


Your donation will help us train, advocate and create greater understanding on behalf of the our diverse communities. 

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Multicultural Team
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