Cultural Competency Certification

Thank you for your interest in the Cultural Competence Certification. We have streamlined our process to make it more flexible and efficient for organizations to obtain certification. Certification requires several steps and participation from individuals at all levels of your organization. 

Our FREE Cultural Compterainings are encouraged for behavioral health professionals, faith-based and community organizations, and individuals working with marginalized populations including but not limited to, refugees/immigrants, racial/ethnic minorities, differently-abled, and LGBTQIA+.

Free training made possible through funding from:  

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MACC's Cultural Competence Certification is the "gold standard" for demonstrating your organization's commitment to a continuous learning process that builds knowledge, awareness, skills, and capacity to identify, understand and respect the unique beliefs, values, customs, languages, abilities, and traditions of those you serve, work and partner with. Certification can help distinguish your organization in an increasingly competitive service and labor market. 


Completion of the virtual pre-assessment (available via our e-learning platform)


Completion of four 3-hour foundational trainings (available via Zoom and our e-learning platform)


Completion of four of eight 1-hour specialty trainings (available via our e-learning platform)


Completion of virtual post-assessment and recommendations status update proof of implementation plan ***Participants are required to send us a report (available via our e-learning platform)


Certification requires completion of the following steps and that is at least 15% of your organization including representation from all levels (board, executive, middle management, and frontline workers) to participate in the training sessions.


If you are not interested in certification, you are welcome to engage this opportunity at whatever level benefits your organization from one class, just an assessment, only the four foundational – whatever works for your organization. You may sign up and set up your learner profile here (will include link).

Certification stands for 2 years you can be recertified through membership for free, expires every 4 years; recertification is available for free through membership will not require engaging in the full process – more specialty trainings; maintaining and sustaining the work you have invested in as an organizations