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Tackling Ohio’s Opioid Epidemic from the Ground Up!


Join us for these virtual “Skills-Building Workshops” to increase both the impact and effectiveness of opioid misuse prevention and reduction efforts in Ohio communities of color.

MACC (Multiethnic Advocates for Cultural Competence) is sponsoring two FREE, virtual (3-hour) workshops next week for its partners and for representatives from Ohio organizations serving African-American, Hispanic/Latinx and other communities of color across the state. The workshops will be presented by Ivan Juzang, President of MEE Productions, a leading health communications firm specializing in engaging hard to reach audiences. In the online workshop, “Trauma-Informed Health Communications 101: Tackling the Opioid Epidemic from the Ground Up,” participants will learn how to develop trauma-informed and culturally-relevant health communications messaging that resonates with communities of color and encourages sustainable lifestyle changes. Participants will also learn about the unique social determinants (including ongoing exposure to stress and trauma) that low-income, urban and under-resourced residents face, and how a protective factor-informed (asset-based) approach enhances community engagement efforts.


The online workshops will be offered on Tuesday, October 20th beginning at 9:30 AM and on Thursday, October 22nd at 1:00 PM. Participants must pre-register in order to receive the Zoom link and other sign-in details.


Many agencies and organizations working in substance-misuse prevention are struggling to effectively engage communities of color, which were negatively impacted by the “War and Drugs” and where the current opioid epidemic often manifests in different ways that in mainstream society. These are communities with low levels of trust in government and other institutions (often well-earned), but that also face the highest levels of health and social disparities. The social determinants of health are daunting, and stigmas and misinformation contribute to the challenges. This workshop will share how providers, agencies and community-based organizations (CBOs) in Ohio communities of color can move away from ineffective outreach and engagement strategies and enhance their primary prevention and outreach efforts by using trauma-informed health communications strategies.

These communications, outreach, engagement strategies and tactics are focused on engaging and persuading hard-to-reach audiences that have low levels of confidence, even in well-meaning initiatives. They will help Ohio organizations grow their presence in both digital and grassroots (in-person) spheres to educate communities and to mobilize partners and stakeholders, increasing both impact and effectiveness of opioid and other substances misuse prevention and reduction efforts.

 •    Learning Objective #1: Participants will understand a unique adaptation of SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) model to engage communities of color that reflect oral-based communication cultures. MACC’s audience and community-centered “by-and-for” approach add a strength-based approach that acknowledges the daily realities of the target audience.


•    Learning Objective #2: To promote real primary-prevention behavior change, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Participants will understand why a mix of strategies results in the most effective community engagement efforts. The workshop covers how to use a combination of digital outreach (high-tech) and on-the-ground encounters (high touch) to interact with low-resourced communities they hope to engage and serve.

 •    Learning Objective #3: In many communities plagued by the opioid epidemic and the earlier “war on drugs,” residents are skeptical and suspicious. Participants will learn how to execute engagement around substance misuse prevention that responds to and “counters” a deep lack of trust at the community level and can ultimately lead to a reduction in risky behaviors.


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10/20 @ 9:30 a - 12:30 p

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10/22 @ 1:00 p - 4:00 p

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