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Empower communities through advocacy

Our advocacy work focuses on elevating the concerns and needs of marginalized populations. We achieve this by serving as a resource and clearinghouse for information and policies reflective of the communities we serve. Additional information on our advocacy platform and initiatives will be available in Summer of 2022.

A Better Tomorrow

The increase in behavioral health and substance misuse issues in minority communities are increasing with most reasons rooted in the fallout from systemic and institutional racism. MACC will continue to address disparity in the behavioral health (BH) sector by beginning to demonstrate the connectivity of systems outside of BH that not only perpetuate racism, but increase the need for BH services.



  • Racism as a Public Health Crisis

  • Hospital Anti-Racism Initiative

  • Critical race Theory – Ohio House Bill 337

  • Voter Suppression - HB 294

  • Criminal Justice

  • Economic Injustice 

  • The C.R.O.W.N. Act ( “Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair Act)

  • Gun Violence Prevention and Mental Health Background Checks

  • Sickle Cell

  • Environmental Injustice

  • Immigration

  • Reparations

  • Anti-Lynching

  • Equity in education – Derolph vs State of Ohio (1997)

  • Anti-racist constitutional amendment (Ibram X Kendi)

Your donation will help us train, advocate and create greater understanding on behalf of the our diverse communities. 

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Image by Clay Banks
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